Our Hong Kong (w/ Macau) Trip – Day 1

Yes… after thorough planning , this is it!

This is about our unforgettable journey in one of the world’s most dynamic cities, Hong Kong.

We left Cebu at 7:25 AM via Air Phil Express, gratified we departed on the scheduled time so touched-down HK just right on time. We had only hand-carry bags, so we were fast. Before leaving the airport we bought HK sim card, my husband has a cousin and a friend working there and I know someone from our hometown who works there too.

Transportation from HK Airport to our chosen hotel was not difficult. Before our trip, I sent an inquiry to L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre for transportation details, here’s the list:

  1. “HOTELINK” shuttle bus service at Counter A16 or B16 of the arrival hall at HK$130 per person/trip.
  2. ‘Airport Express’ railway system at Airport Arrival Hall – Tsing Yi Station (HK$60 for 1 person/HK$90 for 2 persons) and connected by Taxi at around HK$30 per trip.
  3. KMB A31 from Airport to Tsuen Wan West MTR Bus Terminus (HK$ 18.90)
  4. By TAXI around HK$210 per trip.

Since it’s our first time, we took taxi from the airport to the hotel, in less than 30 minutes we reached the hotel. Check-in time’s 12:00NN yet we were able to check-in albeit we arrived earlier. A big plus. We were given room 3606 (36th floor) with the Harbour view as per my reservation, of course!

 L’Hotel Nina et Convention Centre and the view outside
Address: No. 8 Yeung Uk Road Tsuen Wan

We spruced up and rushed to the nearest mall, Citywalk 2 to eat. I don’t remember the restaurant name because we were really starving. There are several eating place in the mall to choose from. We ordered Hong Kong’s famous noodle (Udon?) recipe with meat on it.

Ok, we’re full. Our itinerary for that afternoon is to go to Macau. Taxi is quite expensive in HK , to elude from spending too much, we asked a passerby the location of the MTR station.. ,but we got lost until I felt like we spent foolishly our time so we decided to take a cab and paid 79HK$ from Tsuen Wan to China Ferry Terminal.

A Turbo Jet takes tourists to Macau with the amount of 152 HK$/person, economy.  We reached the terminal just right on time for the next trip, stood in a very long queue in the Immigration for passport check and boarded. Travel took an hour or less, it was a wonderful journey and very fast, of course it’s a turbo jet! 😀


Long queue again in the Immigration but no hassle at all. Fast and in order. Great because our time is limited in Macau, half-day only there.

Leaving the ferry terminal, I told my hubby that there are free shuttle buses to known hotels in Macau. He did not believe me and waited in line for a taxi. Across the road, I saw shuttle buses and several tourists set foot inside so we left the line and crossed the road.  True, it is free to The Venetian, Sands Hotel and other hotels. Fantastic, right?

Our first stop was The Venetian. It is a hotel and casino resort with world-class shopping, sensational entertainment,  irresistible dining and authentic Venetian Gondola ride. It is also the place of the largest casino in the world.

After dining, we went to the casino hoping we will be able to cross the threshold since my daughter is as big as me. Yeah, she can be an adult, physically! But two women guards approached us and said “No, no, no, no, no, no, no (yes, quite a lot of ‘NO’ with hand gesture) children are not allowed here.”  We left the premises, we have to see other places in Macau.

There’s a free shuttle bus again to the ferry terminal and to Sands Hotel etc… We didn’t have ample time to go to St. Paul Ruins (t’was in our itinerary). There’s a place which caught my eye before going to The Venetian.

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf, just across Sand’s Hotel and very near to HK-Macau Ferry Pier. It’s Macau’s first theme park as well as a shopping center. We just took photos…

Macau is one amazing place. We should have visited there from morning. Half-day’s not enough. Yet still, we had so much fun and got so much pleasure in the wonderful views of Macau.

We walked to the Ferry Pier, very close to Macau Fisherman’s Wharf.

Ferry tickets, queue to the Immigration.

Left Macau around 7:30PM, the journey wasn’t pleasant. A steep, choppy wave caused my daughter to vomit several times. Ferry staff distributed “airsickness bag”  to all passengers. Glad, I didn’t throw up.

Immigration again….

Next in our itinerary.. Kowloon and the Avenue of Stars.

Yet again, taxi going to Kowloon, not familiar yet of the other means of transportation and it’s already night time.

Kowloon is a city full of lights, one of the most popular in HK. The place’s so full of activity, you see different people walking down the streets enjoying taking photos. Do not dare close your eyes in this place.. i guess, it’s a city that never sleeps.  We spent an hour looking around.

We went straight to the Avenue of Stars, located along the Victoria Harbour Waterfront. It honors the celebrities of HK Film Industry just like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Another attraction there is the Clock Tower.

Actually there are several beautiful spots in the place  but we haven’t had enough time to look around. We were so exhausted particularly my daughter and my feet hurt.

Taxi.. yes, again! No more energy to wait for a bus or go to the MTR station. When we hopped in the taxi, the driver did not understand where we’re headed. A concerned citizen who’s waiting for a cab also noticed. So he knocked on the driver’s side and informed him where’s our direction. We had a short talk before the cab get there. Grateful!

There’s a 7-Eleven store close to the hotel, we bought some goodies for our breakfast the next day.

Slumber… recharged for the next days adventure.

Our first day’s hectic… tiring but enjoyable, we made sure not to waste time in our escapade.

It’s a 4-day trip.. so dear readers, wait for my Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4  entry of our HK Trip.  Please do visit again.

Thanks for reading.

xoxo, Leene


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