Academic vs. Extra-Curricular Activities

My daughter Ezzrah (ICY) will be graduating next week, an occasion we’ve been waiting for. But our excitement disappears.

She ranks No. 4 in the class, which really surprised me. Here’s a recap of her ranking on the previous grading periods.

1st Grading – 3rd Honors

2nd Grading – 4th Honors

3rd Grading – 2nd Honors

What shocked me most  was when i found out who the Valedictorian is through Icy’s classmate. She posted this on Fb,

K. Happy ako sa ranking ko. Pero I think it’s really unfair for Lopez & Ezzrah. They were the most hardworking students i’ve ever known. They deserve more. Gahhh!!!! Ako nagagalit eh. Hays. I’ve seen them study eh. They’re the best when it comes to ATTITUDE // ACADEMICS. K, opinion ko lang po

Here are some comments of the above post by Mika:

  • it was REALLY disappointing. lalo na po sa attitude, walang wala sya dun. Lopez & Ezzrah deserve more eh, ako nga po, araw araw ko sila kasama. They’re the best eh, how come po na naging ganito ang results? It’s a really big disaster. Ako po yung naiinis eh. :)))))))))

  •  It’s over, and as if we could do something pa. 😐 1st is Monge daw po, 2nd daw po si Lopez, 3rd daw po ako. I’m happy about my ranking, pero I really think na Ezzrah and Lopez deserve to be on that. Nakakainis… lang po tlga yung kinalabasan ng valedictorian. To start, he was nothing like one. Di po sya yung material na ganun e. I don’t think he even deserves that. x((((( HAYS. :-LLL Anyway congrats po kay Ezzrah. 🙂

  • umangat lang naman si monge dahil sa extra curricular!!

  • Kahit na. Yun lang? Akala ko ba 70-30? So pano na yung mga nakaangat for 3rd straight periods sakanya? I just don’t get the point.

  • kaya nga eh..yung behaviour pa niya… so unacceptable…isispin mo from 5th to valedictorian??

  •  Hays.. sobra pong walang agree sa final rankings. Unfair talaga dun sa mga nagpakahirap. Pati po yung Attitude nya, unacceptable talaga. No one ever liked him. 😐 Kahit na ba sabihing nahahatak ang grade, Eh pano naman yung performance ng iba during the past 3 grading periods. All i can say is.. di po talaga ako papalakpak sa graduation. that’s the least I could do.

  • Wala nang kinaganda ang pagtatapos na to. TSK.


  • why? what’s monge’s ranking?

  • how did that happen? o.o

  • idk, because of extracurricular? idunno it’s a very very irritating fact. 😐

  •  extracurricular is only 10%, it cant be from 5th to 1st.

  • ‎70-30 daw eh. pero even though. pointless pa rin na naging 1st sya. like eh?

  • anyone complained? it’s kind of impossible because his behavior and scores are…..

Lopez’s a consistent First Honors student from 1st – 3rd grading became the Salutatorian (only) . Isn’t it shocking? I really feel sad for Lopez…

Monge -2nd Honors on 1st and 2nd grading but 5th Honors on the 3rd grading… became the Valedictorian.

I was fuming when i received the Summary of Honor Students …here it is:

ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE, Ezzrah is second. Her teacher said because of extra curricular activies, on the over-all ranking she’s only 4th Honors. I don’t know how the school defines and how they give points for extra-curricular activities but I’m sure Ezzrah did not miss any school acitivities like the Girl’s Scouting, Spelling Bee, Math & Science Olympiad and many more.

Here’s the summary of the over-all ranking

Disappointed but what to do?  Life is too short to be angry everyday…..

Dear Ezzrah, it’s ok… We are always proud of you. Keep up the good work!


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